String Zing

Eliminate manual weaving of cross strings, and never make a weaving mistake 

What is String Zing?

A newly patented device for stringing tennis racquets


String Zing makes the cross string weaving easy, fun and error-free. 

The components


String Zing Guide

 The plastic guide holds the pre-woven string pullers. 


String Zing String Pullers

The string pullers are a piece of strong smooth line with a pre-formed loop in each end. 


String Pullers pre-woven on Zing String

The string pullers are pre-woven in the correct order on the String Zing guide. There are 20 string pullers so this works with any racquet that has up to 20 cross strings.


The Product You Purchase

String Zing comes fully assembled and ready to use.

How does it work?

Check out this great 4-minute video of String Zing in action