Frequently Asked Questions


How much time will it save ?

This depends on the stringer and your comfort level with String Zing.  After using String Zing two or three times, most stringers start to see the benefits which include faster racquet stringing, no errors in cross string weaving and better ergonomics while stringing. Plus, it is way more fun to do the cross strings.

Does it work for both one piece and two piece string jobs?

YES, String Zing works exactly the same for either a one or two-piece string job.

Will it work with all string types?

YES, String Zing works well with any type of string from gut to synthetic to stiff polyester.

Will it work on all racquet head sizes and stringing patterns?

String Zing is designed to work on all tennis racquets with head sizes up to 110 square inches.  It is also designed to work with a variety of string spacing patterns. 

It will work with some oversized frames but not all of them.


Should I pull the String Zing slowly or quickly?

 String Zing actually works better when you pull the cross string QUICKLY through the mains.  This does not notch the main strings and speeds up  your string job. 

How has no one thought of this before?

Great question.  It is such a simple concept, yet no one came up with this product in the past.  It's likely that many folks have tried similar approaches but not been able to create a design that worked effectively.  The String Zing took months of prototyping  to develop a working design and many more months to hone the design into a viable product.

How can it be fun to use?

Once you are comfortable that the String Zing device allows you to simply pull the cross strings quickly through the main, you will start to look forward to doing the cross strings and it will be the fun part of the racquet.