Instructions For Using String Zing

Put Racquet Frame On Stringer


Secure tennis racquet in stringing machine.

Put String Zing On Frame


Place String Zing device on top of racquet frame with the tape facing up and the ends of the string pullers draped across the sides of the frame.

Main Strings


Insert and tension the MAIN STRINGS running them through the channels in the String Zing device.  The semi-circle holder on String Zing indicates the two center channels in the fixture.

Slide String Zing Pullers Onto Racquet


When MAIN STRINGS are complete, remove the tape from the String Zing device and push the "string pullers" from the String Zing onto the MAIN STRINGS of the racquet.

Insert Cross String


Insert the first CROSS STRING through the racquet frame and up above string bed. You may start the cross strings at either the head or throat of the racquet frame. 

Adjust For "Skipped Holes"


Locate the first “string puller.” If there is a “skipped” hole between main strings, then “un-weave” the string puller around the first MAIN STRING so that it lines up with the skipped hole.

Insert Cross String through "string puller" loop


Insert about 8 inches of CROSS STRING through the loop.  If necessary, position racquet handle against your body to prevent the racquet from rotating.

Pull Cross String Through Main Strings


While holding the end of the CROSS STRING in one hand, grasp the far end of the “string puller” with your other hand and pull the CROSS STRING through the MAIN STRINGS. Pull quickly and without stopping.

Thread Cross String Through Frame


The CROSS STRING will automatically release from the “string puller” loop and should be inserted through the frame, tensioned and clamped.

  • Always use the “string pullers” in sequential order.
  • After inserting the CROSS STRING through the racquet frame, always pull it immediately above the string bed before inserting it through the “string puller” loop. This ensures a correct weaving pattern.
  • Pull CROSS STRINGS firmly, quickly and continuously for best results.
  • There are 20 “string pullers” – if you only have 19 CROSS STRINGS you will pull through and throw away the left over “string puller” on the racquet.